Portfolio Snippets

The portfolio snippet block allows you to make changes to all the images and applied captions via a EDIT SETTINGS button that appears on the snippet block.

Options available

With the settings popup you can change the following settings across all  images

  • Enable / Hide Captions
  • Set caption text colour and font size, weight
  • Set a caption overlay colour
  • Apply hover effects
  • Set a background colour behind the image (used with certain hover effects)
  • Choose if the caption or image is clickable
  • Set the caption to show below the image on mobile.

Further customisation

For more fine-grained control of the captions formatting, click the Link Image and Settings (RED CHAIN icon when hovering over the image) > Caption Settings area or the Style Editor (RED COG Icon on the row snippets) popup.

Caption text can also be highlighted and changed via the Text toolbar options that appear at the top. Any changes made will supercede the settings shown in the portfolio popup.