Section Settings & Content Settings

The contentbox editor differs from the Drag-drop editor in that they both have a content Area to add and remove snippet blocks, but the Contentbox also has an outer section area, that can have background images applied and a height set.

Content sits within the section and can be repositioned and resized.

You can stack multiple sections with their own content areas on top of each other.

Section Area

Affect the outer container, height, background, padding etc

Content Area

Affect the inner content where the snippet blocks are added - content width, background colour, alignment etc.

Launching the settings modal to change the section or content areas

To launch the contentbox settings modal to change the section settings such as section height or background, click the Blue Cog icon at the top left or the Section Settings button bottom right.

The Contentbox Settings Modal Popup

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Section Background

Change the background image, background colour and overlay colour

Section Height | Margin 

Change the section height, and vertical and horizontal margins to ensure space around your content area.

Content Width | Padding

Set the content Width area within the section, set padding around any snippet blocks / content added to the content area.

Content Styling

Settings to affect how the content area looks, light/dark text, box colour and opacity

Content Alignment

Set where the content area sits within the section

Background Size | Position

Choose how your sections background image is displayed

Mobile Settings

Settings that affect the section on mobile

Move Section

Move the section in relation to the sections above and below


Section animation options


Add or remove a slideshow

Section Attributes

Advanced options to make the sections sticky, force the width of the section, hide section or add an ID

Section CSS

Advanced area allowing CSS editing for the section

Section Classes

Advanced area allow Classes to be added / removed.