Editor Basics

To build your Contentbox page add preset snippet blocks to the page then change the text and images to your own content.

Contentbox pages can also have different backgrounds, background images and section heights.

How to add content to a Contentbox section

Click into an existing snippet block to bring up the ADD SNIPPET BLOCK button, or click and drag the content snippets into the page area from the right hand snippet sidebar.


You can then choose from the list of snippet blocks, most popular ones are shown by default, plus you can filter / see more via the left-hand sidebar links.

How to add a new section

Click the + ADD SECTION button top right when editing a section, then choose the section layout required from the popup.

How to change a section background colour

Click the section settings cog icons, either at the top-left or the bottom right to bring up the contentbox settings popup window.

If you have multiple columns in your section, there will be a lower section settings icon for each column.

Click the SECTION BACKGROUND title to open the background options then click into the BACKGROUND COLOUR setting to bring up the colour picker.

How to change a section background image

Launch the settings modal as per the above instructions then click the blue camera icon under BACKGROUND IMAGE to launch the image wizard.

How to change a section height.

Launch the settings modal as per the above instructions then click the SECTION HEIGHT | MARGIN button to open the height properties.

From the settings that appear, choose a height from the SECTION HEIGHT dropdown.