Our webmail services are available for anyone who has a mailbox with us.

Webmail is not available if you have your email forwarded to another adddress, in which case you should contact the provider of the forwarding address for webmail services. 

For instructions on configuring your email, refer to the setup instructions inside our CMS, under "Domains and Email", then click the Email @ symbol, then the mailbox in question to view step by step setup instructions. You can configure your iphone, or other mobile phone, notebook, desktop etc to all read the same inbox. 

Webmail and IMAP clients will read only the emails in your inbox. They will not have access to the full history stored on your computer. They do not store your outgoing emails. Although there might be a desire to use webmail long term, please be aware that we have storage limits, and therefore webmail is designed to only be used for a few weeks at a time, with your primary email storage being on your computer or own exchange server. If you require a more powerful webmail service, we suggest you change to using Google Workspace or Office 365

Login Links

Google Workspace Mail Login

You can login to Gmail or Google Apps email via their main login page. Just enter your whole email address.