Global Enquiry form options

There are global enquiry options that can be applied to most forms.
You can access these via the BULK EMAILER (button at the top of the CMS) > Setup Tab > Add more demographics questions, opt in boxes & referral questions to all enquiry forms. 

Note: If you choose the REFERRED BY QUESTION option, you will need to add some referral questions, otherwise the dropdown field will be blank.

More info from the TOOL TIPS

These are global options that affect most automatically generated enquiry forms on your website. These changes do not affect shopping carts nor custom free format enquiry/questionaire pages.

You can also add completely custom fields to enquiry forms via the Page Options Tab, which are unique to a specific page, but shared amongst all sub pages such as gallery/advertiser pages.

Its a good idea to ask your members where they heard of you from. Please provide the list of permittable options here, as everyone markets to different places. eg Trade shows, newspaper adverts, newspaper stories, TV advert, yellow pages, Google, Yahoo, Other search engine, etc. You can now enable this question on several forms (but not all, please contact support if it doesn't work on your chosen form)

We also have a facility to track orders by affiliate ID. If you want a specific affiliate system, then you should check that out. This area here is for more broad based marketing success reporting.