GoSweetSpot NZ

Live Pricing and Courier need to be set up separately. For Live pricing the set up needs to be done in our system and for courier integration you would do the set up in GoSweetSpot system. See below for set up instructions.

Live Pricing

For Live Pricing you will need your Access Key. Optionally provide a preferred courier if you would like results from a preferred courier.

Provide a default width, height, depth and weight to for your products.
These fields are mandatory for the Go Sweet Spot API, you will need to enter a value here. These values will be used if no values are set on the product itself.

If you have products with different varieties of width,height,depth and weight, these values will needed to be added to each product individually when editing the product.

Courier Fulfilment Integrations 

Follow the instructions provided on the GSS Courier fulfillment page.

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