Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows you to track analytics and provide data to a range of third party marketing services. Tag manager is often used by professional SEO experts, so they can manage your account through one system.

Please only add the Google Tag Manager account ID into our SEO analytics tracking area. If you do this, we will automatically use the right javascript in the righ places, to ensure you get the tracking information you need in google tag manager. 

The data we provide is as follows. 

  • Each page hit is tracked
  • Successfull ecommerce sales data is posted to tag manager.

You can use GTM to define target events, or funnels. eg if you want to detect abandoned carts, you would detect a customer getting to these URIs, but then not proceeding to a successful sales event.




The definition of GTM events and funnels is outside the scope of our user support. 

You are welcome to add javascript in various places in our CMS, but there are so many considerations about what and where to put code, and how to customise it, that support in that capacity is chargeable.

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