How do I add a new page?

Short Answer: Left menu, Scroll over the left hand link called Web Pages, Click the grey add a new page button from the popout, the link can be found from under your blue page links and follow directions.

Long Answer

  1. Login and place your cursor over the left hand button called Web Pages in the popout that appears click on the grey Add Page button at the bottom of the list of blue page buttons (Refer image at bottom of page)
  2. You are now presented with a range of page templates - note that these are templates for content they are NOT site templates which change the look and feel of your whole site.
  3. Each type of page dictates the layout of the content, and it also changes the way you manage a page. Gallery pages are good for adding lots of photos that will have thumbnails automatically generated and placed into an index with links - so you can navigate through them. 
  4. Single design pages are good for 'About Us', 'Terms and Conditions' and other pages that are just a single page of text with an occasional photo thrown in for decoration.

Creating a new page

Let's select a single design page as they are very useful.

  1. Follow the on screen prompts, it is recommended to enter a short name for the menu button text and perhaps a longer name for the page title (note the options to hide the page until later, to password protect viewing and to give the page file a specific name are all optional)
  2. Click Add new page now and you will now be presented with an empty editing window.
  3. A single design page is a lot like a new word document, just a big white space that you can type into. You can even copy and paste from emails, Excel, and Word documents. But the formatting is not always preserved when you do this. Trial and error will teach you what is best.
  4. Up the top of this page - the toolbar, there are lots of options.

Styling your content

  1. Under the Style menu, you can add bullet points, do this now, and then add a few words, e.g. your name, then press enter to get the next bullet point, then press enter again etc... Press enter twice in a row to get out of the bullet points and back into the main content.  Note that the bullet function is also available by clicking on the bullet button  
  2. Press SHIFT-ENTER to enter a single spaced line feed, eg to get the next line of text close to the previous line of text. Normally ENTER assumes you want to start a new paragraph, with a double-space between each paragraph.
  3. Now use the mouse to select some of the text you entered before, e.g. your name. Press the left mouse button down at the start of the word, keep it down, then drag to the right of the word, then let go. The text should be in a highlighted colour. This is how you select text. Now go up to the "Style" menu again, and select the "bold" option. Your text should now be bold. You can also use the keyboard shortcut  CTRL-B or CTRL-I for italics or by click the bold button B
  4. Now select some more text, and press CTRL-C to copy the text, then go elsewhere in the page and click CTRL-V to paste that text. (Note CTRL-X is cut, and these options work in most programs in windows). CTRL-Z is undo.
  5. Entering links is easy, just type the link text ( or email text, then press space, the text should automatically change into link text. Read further on for more linking and file attachment options.
  6. Select a size from the "style menu" to change the size of your text. The headings options will change a whole paragraph at a time, so make sure your heading text is in its own paragraph before you click the heading size.


  • Avoid changing colours and fonts too much. It actually makes the page look untidy. The fonts and colours of a website can actually be changed globally elsewhere, and this makes it much easier to change your website style as a whole, rather than having to change every single paragraph individually.
  • The Columns option allows you to split your page into boxes or columns or tables. This is good for a newspaper style of page. Use the More option to build your own table.
  • There is some more help in the Help button if you need it (the blue question mark)
  • Click Save at regular intervals to save your changes.. Sometimes the internet has timeouts, and you don't want to lose your changes if you haven't saved in the last 5 minutes.
  • Once you have clicked Save you can also click View Changes located on the bottom status bar below the editing window - to see your changes on the live website.

    Advanced Options

    • Use the hidden option if you don't want to show this page straight away. You can undo this later in the RENAME area for the page, under menu position.
    • Use the password option if you want to hide this page and use passwords in order for authorised members to see this page.
    • Enter a filename only if you understand the purpose of that.


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