Changing fonts

Place your cursor over "Design Settings" and select "Fonts and Text Colours",  Note: not all computers recognise all fonts, so it's best to choose from the most commonly used fonts from this window rather than typing in your own.

If at any stage you which to undo the above, simply remove your choice from the "Font(Typeface)" field, this will revert all fonts to your template default.

We would like to note that it is better if you get us to apply a stylesheet to your website. We can give different styles to headings, paragraphs, etc. We can also create up to six custom styles that you can use in your content, eg paragraphs inside boxes

If you do have a particular font you simply must use (for example part of your company logo, or motto etc) then you can convert your text into a graphic file and thus be able to insert the text as a picture.  

Note: as graphics take longer to load, this method should be used sparingly, and only when absolutely necessary. Graphic text is also not search engine friendly. You will need to use you own graphic editing program to create this text/graphic or get one of our professionals to create these files for you for a fee.

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