Size Limits On Email Attachments

Email Attachment Size Limit

The maximum size limit for an email, including attachments, is approximately 20MB. However, this does not mean you can attach a 20MB file. Due to the nature of email transmission, there is about 17% inefficiency, which effectively reduces the maximum attachment size to around 15MB (total size of all attachments) 

Comparison with Other Email Services

This limit is consistent with other major email services, such as:

Sending and Receiving Rules

For an email to be successfully delivered, it must comply with the size limits of both the sender's and the receiver's email services. This also includes any intermediary email servers if email forwarding is involved.

Alternative Methods for Sharing Large Files

To share large files efficiently, consider using cloud storage services and sending a link to the file. Some recommended services include:

  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox

Using these services ensures that large files are shared securely and efficiently without being hindered by email size limits.

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