Additional Website Administrators

Give other people access to your website, in a full or limited way. This can include staff users, so their activity is tracked, independent SEO people, or staff POS users.


  • Additional Administrators of sites are not allowed to see the account history of the "owner." They also cant change the owners password, nor touch the owners other websites.
  • Administrators can see the balance owing and can top up the owners account balance.
  • Administrators can edit content of sites they are permitted too.
  • Invoices will be emailed to the site owner and 1 additional email address for the accounts dept, but that additional email address cant edit site.

How to add a new administrator for a website

  1. First edit the target website (if you have more than one website, the administrator only gets access to 1 website at a time. ) 
  2. Then navigate through SECURITY tab, as per the screenshot above.
  3. Add the user name and email, and specify any limitations on what they will have access to
  4. You can further refine their access to either add or take away a specific privilege, such as preventing sales reps from editing customers, or seeing data they are not entitled to see. 

Make an Admin to Website Owner

Please contact support to have this change made for you. They will assign the site owner to the accunt UID of the new user. Hosting account financial history does not transfer between users. 

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