Out of stock, hidden, not for sale or prioritised products

Setting up out of stock messages, or hiding products, or prioritising products

  1. Click Setup under Shoppping
  2. Click on the product listing you want to change 
  3. Select the most appropriate option in the "Availability" dropdown box.
  4. Save Changes

There is an an out of stock report in the "Reports" area of the Content Management System shopping cart so that you can quickly determine which products are low in stock.

The available options for product availability/priority are:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc
  • Hidden
  • Not purchaseable
  • Out of stock


Note: When you change a product availability listing, it changes the order of the product but not the product description.  Make sure to enter "Sale Item" (or whichever info relates to the priority listing) in the Product Title or Product Description fields.

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