Inserting Tables / Columns / Background Colours.

Table Overview

The table wizard can be used to make tabular fomatted information, like financial charts, or to just have an area with a different background colour.

Simple tables can also be used to layout your page into columns and rows where you can position images and text side by side.

Once you have a table, you can easily add or remove rows by right clicking and selecting that option. You can also right click to format your table or cells, such as background colours.

If you would like to insert a table, calendar or columns, please select the "Insert..." dropdown menu in the toolbar.


Changing the background colour of a table

Right click your mouse when hovering over the table in question and choose 'Table Properties'

This will bring up a popup window. Click the 'Advanced Tab' at the top

The background colour option is at the bottom, click the little box to bring up the colour picker.

Choose a colour, then apply the change.

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