Inserting Photos / Positioning Photos

Inserting Photos

Click on the photos button in the tool bar.

Click on a folder to browse photos on the server, or browse to upload a file of your computer, or click on the image you want to use.

When you see your image in the wizard, you will have some more options for alignment, borders and URLs.

The "alignment right of text" option is a good option if you want to position your photo to the right of the screen, with text wrapping around.

Click USE THIS IMAGE to use this image on your page.

The wizard will close, please wait up to 30 seconds for your image to appear on screen.


Positioning Photos / Captions

You can drag the image to other parts of the page, but layout can be tricky. This is because images are inserted "inline", eg they are treated like any other text character.

If you use alignment options when first uploading the image, then you can achieve a nicely formated page with the image is aligned to the left or right, with text wrapping around it. Please note however, that the width of the editor window may not be the same width as your content area on your website, so if text is sparse, then you may get odd spacing or overlapping images. If you drag and drop an aligned image, then the alignment will remain. eg if you have right alignment, and you want the top of the image to be in line with a heading, then drag the image to the start of the heading, not to where you want the image to be.

The best way to position images is to use tables or columns. This might seem cumbersome to begin with, but once setup, it will maintain a neat and tidy consistency on your page, and will be much easier to insert captions.

First insert a table. 2 columns and 1 or more rows is best. Use more rows if you want to have several images alternating down the page, and aligned with specific sub headings. You will then see some "replace this text" messages, where you can highligh and delete and replace with your own text or images.

To insert a caption, you must be using columns/tables. It will not work with the aligned image option. To insert a caption, click on the image, then right arrow key to position cursor to the right of the image, then SHIFT-ENTER to position cursor on the next line with no line spacing. Now you can type your caption. If you have several photos and captions, you might want to consider using one of our preformated gallery pages, that take care of all the hard work for you.


Resizing Photos

It is best to resize the photo to a size like 320x320 pixels prior to uploading it. You will need photo manimpulation software on your computer, but "paint" in start-programs-accessories is quite ok.

Second best is to upload the image, then use the resize option in the wizard, prior to clicking "use this image".

After the image is in your page, you can click on an image to resize it, but this can distort the image by stretching or pixelating it. Resizing the image in this way will not speed up the page load speed. Only reducing the filesize will help.

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