What spam filtering do you do?

If you are not receiving email from someone and your email is hosted or forwarded by us, it may be due to filtering.  This explains what spam filtering systems we have.

Black list filtering

We subscribe to a number of quality "black lists". What black lists do is identify known spam emails "signatures", eg large chunks of text that identify a known spam. This method ensures almost always that we never get a false positive. False positives are oftain obtained from algorithmic filters, which we do not use.

When are emails filtered?

Any time an email is received my our mailserver, ie. an email for any domain name that we provide email services for, then it will be checked by our spam filters. So all incoming email is checked for spam, even if it is a fowarded email.

We do not block outgoing emails (including bulk email), that is we do not block emails going from your computer to a destination email address, as our server is not involved, irrespective of your from address. 

Where do blocked emails go?

We delete blocked emails. We do not provide spam folders sorry. We almost never get a "false positive". If a customer is ever blocked by our spam filter, they should get a failed delivery report, but this is subject to their own preferences settings. We either deliver an email, or return a failed delivery code. There is no black hole.

Why else might an email not get delivered?

  • Attachments bigger than 5MB
  • It contains a virus
  • Their mailbox is full
  • Incorrectly typed email address, either sender or receivers.
  • The senders email domain name is expired or non existant, or experiencing DNS issues.

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