How do I set up automated quoting?

"Add a page" > "Other eCommerce Options" (next to the Shopping Carts Link) > then either "Online Quote" or "Car Rental Auto Quote" then continue through the set up process.

Ther are several versions of automated online quotes, allowing your site to generate quoted prices in emails to your customers 24/7. These include car rental quotes, shopping carts and general quotes

General Quotes - Automated Online Quotes.  User requests a general quote. They read a number of questions, and answer tick boxes. Tick boxes can be multiple select or check one only radio boxes. Some question options may have a quantity associated.  The user can then select how many boxes, or how many metres or how many kilograms for example. The user clicks submit.  A customisable thank-you page is displayed.  A detailed quote is sent to the customer and to the web master.  This quote contains-
  • An introductory message
  • A quote breakdown showing the individual amounts that make up the quote and a total price
  • Dynamic business process information relating to individual questions that were answered
  • Special terms and conditions arising from specific questions answered
  • General terms and conditions
  • Company profile and other static text
Car Rental Quotes - Your user  select a vehicle, dates and times the require the perhaps additional custom information that is required for the quote but does not specifically adjust the price.  Then your user  clicks submit.  A customisable thank-you message is provided to the user, which may or may not contain detailed information as above (your choice).  A detailed quote is sent to the customer.  You have complete control over the text and details included within.  A link to a secure booking form can be included.  The customer can retrieve their quote, enter their final details to book the vehicle and submit with their credit card details via a secure booking form.

Shopping Cart Quotes - Shopping carts can also be used for generating quotes. eg The site visitor may "build their own gift" by choosing a basket, card, wrapping, wine, chocolates and other contents, and finally select a shipping destination. This will determine a final price which can then be communicated as a quote, after which the site visitor can choose to complete the transaction. 

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