Getting Started

How to use this FAQ
Here are some tips on finding the right answers in this FAQ [more]

10 tips everyone should know
Here is a quick list of things that everyone should know. [more]

Building your website

Editor Quick View
This page quickly outlines the toolbar functions in the editor [more]

Publishing Changes
Read here about the importance of publishing changes [more]

Save Changes | Preview | Publish
A quick overview of the editor buttons and what they do [more]

Create a Website Tutorial (Printable)
You may find it easier to print out the following steps to help create your website. [more]

Your 30 Day Trial Site

How can I make my trial site live? (go live)
How to change your website from a trial site to a live public site, payment etc [more]

Can I extend my trial? How do I do this?
Your trial period is extended everytime you press publish [more]

Common questions

I've made changes in the CMS but can't see it live?
If this is your issue, there are several answers... [more]

Experiencing issues with being logged out from the system, or unable to edit a page?
If you keep getting logged out after only a few steps, then the problem is to do with session cookies... You need to enable these... here are some tips [more]

What are the preferred Web Browsers
The preferred web browsers for editing content in our CMS is Internet Explorer on a PC or Camino on a Mac. However, we do widely support Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. Usage of our WYSIWYG rich content component may differ from browser to browser. [more]

Glossary of website-related terms
Not sure about website terminology? Find the definitions of all the web-related terms we use [more]