Adding Text To Your Banner

If you haven't already, complete the Create a Banner Using Pixlr tutorial.

Now that you have created an image banner with your photo, let's place some text on it.

Lets start by going back to Pixlr.

You should see this website:
From the dialog box choose "Open image from computer" and navigate to where the banner you made is stored on your PC and upload.
You should now see your banner uploaded into Pixlr ready to add text to it.

Click on the Type Tool in the tool bar - it's the large 'A' - and then click in the general area of the image where you want the text to appear.

You will be able to adjust the position of the text at any stage.

Once you click on your image with the Type Tool selected a dialog box will appear. You can type your text in here and it will update on your image in realtime. You will be able to re-position the text while the box is open.

You can also change color / size / font. Once you are happy just press 'OK'.

Now you can repeat the process and add other text if need, for example a buyline.

Important: You might find as you add more elements to your image that you may not be able to select or move anything.

This is because Pixlr uses 'Layers'. Over on the right you will see a box titles "Layers" that will show all your layers (if you have any). To edit any element just make sure the correct layer is selected (blue).

Once you are happy with everything click "File" in the menu bar and click "Save". Save your new banner - you may wish to call it something different so you don't overwrite your old banner.

We're going to put this banner in the "Page Banner" area. You can access that when logged in by clicking on the rename area of any page (Aa) and browsing to your new banner from the "Page banner/image" option. Save and publish your website.

That's it! Next we'll go through how to add cool effects to your image using Pixlr.