Add a Twitter Feed

Make sure you have a Twitter account first! The instructions below detail how to get the code for a Twitter feed and place it in your Website Builder website.

  1. Go to the Twitter Profile Widget page
  2. Enter in your Twitter username. Steps 3 - 6 are optional! You can skip to step 7.
  3. On the left, click on Preferences.
    1. Including a scrollbar allows users to scroll through a large number of tweets
    2. Timed Behaviour updates the Tweets every set interval, while Load all Tweets loads your Tweets upon page load
    3. You can choose the Number of Tweets to display. A smaller amount is kinder to page load time
    4. Hashtags are keywords turned into links by adding the hash (#) symbol in front of a word. Disabling this removes the link for the hashtag, leaving the keyword.
    5. You can also choose to show Avatars and timestamps.
  4. Click on Appearance on the left side. Clicking on the coloured square to the right of each text field brings up a colourpicker. Changing the colours automatically updates the preview on the right-hand side, so you can see what your Tweet feed will look like.
  5. Under the Dimensions tab, you can change the size of the widget. Auto is recommended if you are not sure how wide the page/container you are putting in it is.
  6. Click on Test Settings to update the preview if you want to see your changes
  7. Click on Finish & Grab Code
  8. Copy the code in the box
Next you will need to log into the CMS and edit the page you want to include your Twitter feed on. In the editor, click on the Insert... dropdown at the top left. Click on Script/HTML and paste the code in here. Save changes and publish.
You can find more Twitter widgets for your website here - just click on My Website on the left side.

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