Hosting Speed / Specifications

Our servers are distributed around the world, and you can choose the location by specifying your preferred A record or selecting the location in the nameserver management page.  Note that when choosing your hosting location it is best to choose a hoster nearest your target audience not necessarily near you.  This means that if for example you are hosted in Dallas, your site will load very quickly for your US visitors (and perhaps just as importantly the popular search engine robots), however your site might load more slowly for you if you are located in a different country.  This is a very small compromise to have you site optimised for both your users and search engines.

Auckland, New Zealand:

  • Bandwidth: 100 Mb/sec burstable national bandwidth with 5Mb/sec international
  • Data Center: Teir 1, ICONZ in central Auckland. (Same place where freeparking and several other well known hosting brands are hosted)
  • Auckland is our main repository of files and data, so real time access to static files is possible from here.
  • We have backup machines in geographically remote data centers, and offline/offsite secure storage also

Dallas, Texas, USA:

  • Data Center: colo4dallas
  • Network provider: Cogent/Level(3). 
  • BGP routed bandwidth

Sydney, Australia:

  • Data Center: Global Switch Data Center, Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney
  • Data Transit: Optus, Verizon, Asia Netcomm, Pacific Internet, Pipe Networks
  • There are multiple inter-continental internet cables plugged into Sydney including the Southern cross cable (US and NZ), Pac Rim West (Korea, Japan) and Tasman (NZ)

London, United Kingdom

  • Data Center: Maidenhead (just outside of London). 
  • Network: Cisco and Extreme Networks
  • Data Transit: Access to a 20Gbit network including Level(3) and Tiscali as carriers
  • We recommend the London data center if most of your users are in Europe and low latency is critical to you.

To provide a world wide web hosting service at maximum speeds permitted at your nearest data center, we have the following notes: At all locations outside of New Zealand, we use either a proxy or mirroring technique. Published files and binaries are served at full speed of the local network. Dynamic files served in real time via our New Zealand server. The delay in load speed of a dynamic page is less than the time taken to generate the dynamic page. There is a 5 minute latency when you publish your files to international servers. This latency ensures your files serve as quickly as possible in the geographical region most important to you. It is a short delay that is only noticed when you make changes to your website.

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