Adding Flash movies

Flash movies are perfect for providing demonstrations of training materials, where the user can sit back and watch the content be delivered to them over a timeline.

We do not advise using flash for any other areas of your website. Flash is particuarly bad for navigation. Also, do not bury too much readable text into flash files, as search engines will never see this text and your search engine optimisation will be negatively effected.

To add flash movies to the banner of your website:

  1. This is compatible with most of our editable templates. Your flash file should be optimised for either 600 or 750 wide and 100 pixels high.
  2. Click Design Settings
  3. Click Upload or change your banner image.

To add flash to the content of your pages:

  1. Click "add a new page"
  2. Click "Movies/Flash" link alongside "File list"
  3. Browse and Upload your flash file.

Alternatively you can use the HTML mode of our page editor toolbar and insert your own HTML tags. That option is for advanced users only and support will not be provided for that.

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