NZ Couriers Integration

Your shopping cart can be integrated with NZ Couriers, streamlining your ordering and delivery process. Follow these instructions to learn how your orders can automatically generate and print delivery dockets.

First, contact NZ Couriers and tell them you would like to set up "Despatch IT". They will require you to fill out a form (which will be sent to you) and to buy a label printer (so the delivery dockets can be printed once an order is made). In the form you will need to fill out a few technical things. When asked what your integration method is, say "FTP". They will also need an email address and email server to send emails from. If you are using our CMS for email, use the server address: For any enquires regarding this stage of the setup, you will most likely need to contact NZ Couriers for help, or your own IT people. NZ Couriers will send someone to you during the final stage of integration.

Next you will need to enable NZ Couriers in the CMS. Go to your Shopping Cart, click on "Setup" (in the grey tabs at the top right), then click "Freight / Shipping Fees". For each of your shipping options, you will need to edit them and select "New Zealand Couriers (Despatch IT") integration at the bottom of the setup box. There are two options for when your order is ceated in the Despatch IT:

  • Order Payment- The system creates the delivery docket when the payment is received, or
  • Order Placement - The system creates the delivery docket as soon as the order is placed. You will need to check for payment manually.
When NZ Couriers initiate the final stage of setup, they will send somebody around to your workplace to set everything up (the server and the printer). They will need to know your Secure FTP login details. You can find these under "Files" > "Web FTP (Secure Area)".
We are unable to provide free support for this integration beyond giving you your Secure FTP details.

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