Legacy Forms - Alternative NMS Form Mailer

This is a more traditional way of implementing forms via a CGI script. This form mailer is completely independent of our CMS and no information will be stored in our database.

Please note that your destination email address must be hosted by our mail server. If you do not have your domain and email managed by our servers, then this will not work for you.

You can choose to add your own EMAIL, SUBJECT and other fields

Perhaps change the redirect link to your own thankyou page.

<FORM NAME=feedbackform ACTION="/cgi-bin/FormMail.pl" METHOD=POST >
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=redirect VALUE="/thanks.html">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=recipient VALUE=myemail@mydomain.com>
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=subject VALUE="Message from website">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=email VALUE=fromemail@theirdomain.com>

What is your name? <INPUT NAME=customer_name VALUE="">
What is your phone number? <INPUT NAME=customer_phone VALUE="">


You have no control over the layout of the notification email either.

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