Resize Images Using MS Office Picture Editor

If you have Microsoft Office installed then one way to resize an image is to use "Microsoft Office Picture Manager".


Once you have navigated to the directory with your images right click on the image you wish to resize and select "Microsoft Office Image Manager" from 'Open With'.
This will open your image in the editor.
Select "Edit Pictures..." and then from there 'Compress Pictures' under the heading 'Change Picture Size'.
Select 'Webpages' from under 'compress for' this will compress your image to 448 X 336 pixels... click 'OK'
Once that is done select 'Save As' from file, and rename the default filename with the a new suffix of "yourimage-small.jpg" or "yourimage-web.jpg"... so it will now be easily identifyable and ready to upload for fast loading on you webpage.

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